A legacy to Parrafin Lamps

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Allison Bassano with one of her students, Marguretta. Marguretta is a 13 year old girl that was studying for her end of year exams, when her parrafin lamp ignited causing extensive burns to her torso, L) arm, leg and lateral neck.

Marguretta was admitted to hospital and treated with profolactic antibiotics and diclofenac for pain relief. By the time we saw Marguretta, her burns were dry and starting to contract. We dressed her wounds with home made vaseline gauze dressings to soften the scabs for a series of days until they were ready for debridement.  Dr Joe and Dr Lisa debrided the wounds which allowed for good wound healing and lessened occurance of contractures. Dr Joe dressed Marguretta’s burns with the vaseline dressings until they healed.

We provided a high protein diet to Marguretta, consisting mainly of degar (tiny fish), milk and eggs. Prior to our arrival she had only been eating one bananna  a day.

Marguretta spent 3 weeks in the Tarime Goodwill Hospital under our care. She went home with a hat and clothing from our container to protect her fragile skin African. Dr Joe bought a specially designed elasticised top to prevent contractures from Ausralia, which Marguretta went home with.


  1. her chest looks a mess

  2. i am heading back to tarime, so will follow up marguretta

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