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Christopher Strong AM, was an educator who spent the first part of his career in Africa and saw first hand the injustice of poverty on the people of Tanzania.

Christopher spent his life as an educator, believing passionately that education for all was a foundation for World Peace.

Christopher’s colleagues have created a legacy in his memory to provide teacher training for Tarime’s teachers.

This project is aligned with The Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation and is supported by Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Your donation will support the sustainability of Tarime’s education through the training of its teachers.

Please complete and mail the adjoining page with your Tax Deductible donation NOW to make this dream a reality.

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd is an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient for The Christopher Strong Education Trust.

You will be asked once only to contribute to this fund, so please give generously. You may choose to give an annual amount if you prefer.