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Care for Africa’s work in education is two-fold: We are dedicated to aid and assist educators and students in the Tarime district and we encourage philanthropic endeavour in the youth of Australia, as they collect educational materials, raise funds to assist with the transportation of these to Tanzania, and work in the schools of Tarime.

Teacher training has been a focus of our work in Tarime communities.

Our relationship with the Christopher Strong Trust has seen teachers receive appropriate teacher training, which is uncommon for government teachers in Tanzania.

Teaching materials are an essential resource for students and teachers. We have been donated materials by local businesses, school and individuals in Launceston so that teachers have adequate teaching material and students have access to a pencil and book, commodities that would have never been possible.

These materials are shipped to Tanzania through our “container project”.

Tarime Education

Care for Africa also sponsors 4 vulnerable albino children to attend boarding school.

Without boarding these children would be confined to the safety of their homes. The risk of walking to school is high as witch doctors hunt them to use their body parts for traditional medicine.

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