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Tasmania and Tarime have similar populations and so a comparison of health statistics is a telling reminder of the healthcare situation in the region. 

In Tasmania we have approximately 1 physician for every 380 people – in Tarime there is 1 for every 44,000 people. In Tasmania we have 56 Hospitals and Health Care Centres in Tarime there are 5. 

In Tasmania, the government annually spends almost $4000 per person in Tarime it is $4 and the most disturbing figure of all the mortality rate for children under 5 in Tasmania is 5 deaths per 1000 in Tarime that figure is approximately 150 deaths per 1000 children. 

The major cause of these deaths are illnesses acquired due to the lack of clean water and sanitation. Malaria is also a major cause of death. 
All are preventable. The Care for Africa medical team has treated various health problems whilst working in the Tarime Goodwill Hospital and on field visits to outlying communities using the mobile clinic. 

One of the major health care projects the foundation is undertaking is the establishment and maintenance of a community database for the mobile health clinic, to enable continuity of care for outlying communities.

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