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Walking as far as 16km with 20L cans to access water from sources that are shared by animals is what women and children of Tarime communities do everyday.

This water contains high levels of e-coli, typhoid and cholera increasing morbidity and mortality rates in the community and especially in infants.

Children are unable to attend school and women are not free to pursue other activities, leading to reduced opportunities for income generation which restricts access to basic health care.

Care for Africa acknowledges that access to safe drinking water is fundamental to human existence.

In 2009 we improved the health and education of villagers in Surubu community through the establishment of a deep water well. ¬†The well was placed directly next to the school so that young people’s learning was not compromised by dehydration. 3 communities now also obtain water from this source. This has reduced their need to travel to a reliable all-year-around water source.

We plan to work with the people of Tarime to establish the same positive outcomes for a further 5 communities. The need is critical as Water Aid estimates that 70% Tanzania’s rural population currently collects water from contaminated sources.

Care for Africa Water Project