Together we can make a difference.

Together we can make a difference.

Care for Africa unites & works with the communities to fight against poverty and empower independence by providing water, health, education and enterprise.


Water is life.

Care for Africa provides access to clean drinking water through the installation of deep-water wells and water harvesting into schools and major collection points. Once a deep water well is established in a school. We see school attendances increase by 65% to 90%. This in turn gives the girls an opportunity for education as girls are primarily the water collectors for families. A society is significantly restricted with development if there is no or limited educational opportunities. 


Walk 4 Water

“Walk 4 Water” 20 are in the process of raising $20,000 to install a water bore in the Bisarwi sub- village Bulimba. The bore will provide accessible clean drinking water to over 1,000 people. The women and girls walk up to 8 hours a day to collect their daily water.The team had also proposed to visit and open the bore in Bulimba after they had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in July 2020.  This has now been postponed, possibly until 2021, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Our Sponsor Children

Care for Africa sponsors the most vulnerable children in Tarime.  The children living in these remote and disadvantaged villages quite often do not get the chance to attend school or receive medical treatment.

As the sponsor of a child, the child is given the opportunity to attend boarding school where they are educated in a safe, nurturing environment. Sponsorship can also provide medical treatment and surgery for those children with correctable disabilities.   

Make a Donation

Your donation is vital for the ongoing programs provided by Care for Africa.

Charity donations of $2 or more to Care for Africa are tax deductible in Australia.

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Longford Blooms


St Magreth School, Remagwe Water Well

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Launceston - Tasmania

Surubu Women’s Centre

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Boat Harbour - Tasmania

Bisarwi Women’s Group & Sombanyasoko
Water Well

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Club of Glenorchy

GLENORCHY - Tasmania

Komasawa Water Well

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Medicines for Rural School Clinics & Soap making program.

It is the voice of the people and the ear that listens which enables change.

Diana Butler OAM CEO