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Education is KEY to breaking the cycle of poverty but children like Dorkasi can’t study on an empty stomach.
Education is KEY to breaking the cycle of poverty but children like Dorkasi can’t study on an empty stomach.

Donate to Help Children Living in Poverty

We have an ambitious goal in Tarime, Tanzania: we want to reach every school with the Care for Africa breakfast program. 

Donate now and feed young students like Dorkasi breakfast so they can grow, learn and achieve their life goals.

Children Can’t Study on an Empty Stomach

Children like Dorkasi face immense hurdles just to attend school each day – lack of food, lack of clean water, and a long commute on foot.

Dorkasi is shy and softly spoken but she is determined.  She walks over 6 kilometres a day with her siblings to attend school and often doesn’t return home until late in the evening.

Her father passed away a few years ago leaving her family struggling with finances and food.

If it wasn’t for Care For Africa’s breakfast program, Dorkasi and her siblings would have to walk, study and return home on an empty stomach. 

Give Children the Energy to Study

Thankfully, Dorkasi and her 3 siblings attend a school that runs the Care for Africa breakfast program. 

With food in her belly, Dorkasi is energised to learn, graduate and give back to her community.

She dreams of becoming a nurse, returning to her village one day and working in a dispensary centre (similar to our medical centres) so she can help the people around her.

However, 100,000 other children in Tarime like Dorkasi still go to school with an empty stomach.

Maize is so cheap and the answer is so affordable – what can $10 buy today at the supermarket?  For Dorkasi and her friends, it’s a year’s worth of breakfast.

Will you help?

Feed Children Like Dorkasi Breakfast NOW

Join our mission to reach every Tarime government school in need with the breakfast program – that’s expanding the program from 6,000 children in Tarime to 100,000 children.

Education is the key to empowering a community like Tarime to thrive but children cannot do this on an empty stomach.

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The Care for Africa Breakfast program is a community-led solution.