Development and Non-Development Policy

1. Rationale

Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation Inc(CfA) is a Tasmanian not for profit aid and development organisation providing health education, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and social enterprise programs to vulnerable communities in Tarime, Tanzania, to enable long term sustainable development and economic wellbeing. 

CfA has no political or religious affiliations.

2. Purpose and Scope


The purpose of this policy is to guide CfA and its partners to make a clear separation between aid and development and non-aid and development objectives and activities.  This policy addresses ACFID compliance obligations when communicating with or soliciting donations from private donors and the public, including fundraising for restricted and unrestricted purposes from aid agencies, sponsors and supporters, and fundraising from the general public.


This policy applies to all CfA staff, office bearers, volunteers, donors, partners and funding bodies.

3. Definitions (adapted from the ACFID Code of Conduct)

Aid and Development:  Activities undertaken in order to reduce poverty and address global justice issues via direct engagement through community projects, emergency management, community education, advocacy, volunteer sending, provision of technical and professional services and resources.

Non-Development:  Evangelical activities and partisan political activities.

4. Guiding Principles


CfA does not engage in non-development activities or any activity whose objectives include the promotion of religious adherence, or partisan activities that are associated with facilitating or supporting specific political individual or parties to gain power.


CfA is only concerned with providing aid and development in the form of health and education programs, water, sanitation and hygiene programs and social enterprise programs for vulnerable communities in Tarime, Tanzania, to enable long term sustainable development and economic wellbeing.


CfA would not accept funds, donations, advice, support or enter into project partnerships intended to influence the political or religious affiliations of the vulnerable communities with which it works.


CfA will ensure that the partners it works with in implementing its activities will separate development and non development activities in accordance with this policy, notwithstanding that those partners may otherwise cater for religious adherence or particular political objectives.

That separation must extend to the following functions, as appropriate:

  • Programming.
  • Expenditure reporting.
  • Fundraising.
  • Advocacy campaigns.
  • Communications.
  • Choice for donors.
  • Partners.


Compliance with the Policy with partner organisations will be regularly reviewed. Where compliance issues are identified the CEO will work with partners to ensure compliance is achieved promptly, and if not promptly, within a reasonable time. If compliance will not be achieved the Board will determine whether a partnership will continue, having regard to this policy and the objectives of CfA.

CFA-P7.V2 Development and Non-Development Policy
Effective Date: 20 September 2020
Approved By: Board of Management. Controlled Document — Printed Versions are not controlled. CFA