Environmental sustainability statement

Care for Africa strives to minimise negative impacts of our operations on the environment.  We strive to promote sustainable environmental practices in country within the communities we work and to reduce the environmental footprint of our internal operations.  

Care for Africa’s environmental commitments for development work in country is guided by the United National sustainable development goals. 

  • Care for Africa endorses programs that support affordable and clean energy.
  • Care for Africa supports and endorses responsible consumption, production and use of natural resource.  We demonstrate this in our school breakfast programs. 
  • Care for Africa respects and creates awareness within the communities in relation to climate change mitigation and adaption.  We do so through;
    • ƒƒEstablishment of water harvesting.
    • ƒƒPlanting trees at all our program sites.
    • ƒƒEducation on the environment with all our adult learning programs
  • Care for Africa respect for all-natural water ways. We address this by;
    • ƒDevelopment of deep-water wells for long term sustainable water for our people and thereby reducing the pressure on other important water sources for environment.
  • Care for Africa ensures the conservation and sustainable use of all land we have access to. We address this by;
  • The planting of fruit and firewood trees to preserve and restore the land.
  • Appropriate fertilisation of the land, companion planting and resting of land between crops.
  • Education on the environment and sustaining life on the land by preserving and restoring our terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems with all our adult learning programs.

Cares for Africa’s internal operations strive to reduce our environmental footprint by; 

  • Utilising electronic communication as much as possible including, electronic copes of reports, communications, newsletters, invitations to fundraising events and our annual report.
  • Utilising electronic methods for meetings such as video conferencing and telephone where possible to avoid travel for board and committee meetings for directors, staff and volunteers.
  • We source materials for our development work locally to reduce our carbon footprint.  We strive to ensure that we partner with suppliers who have ethical and environmentally sustainable practices.

CFA-D1.V1 Environmental sustainability statement

Effective Date: 7 August 2020 Document
Approved By: Board of Management.

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