Fundraising Charter

1. Rationale

The Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Inc (CFA) Fundraising Charter requires that CfA will have processes and procedures in place to ensure that: 

  • Decisions to accept or reject donations support the purpose of the organisation. 
  • Legislative requirements for fundraising are met. 
  • The privacy of Donors, consistent with the Privacy Act, are met. 
  • Free, prior and informed consent is obtained for all images and stories. 

2. All fundraising materials will be truthful and:

  • Include the organisation’s identity including name, address, ABN and purpose. 
  • Accurately represent the context, situation, proposed solutions and intended meaning of information provided by affected people
  • Clearly state if there is a specific purpose of each donation
  • Avoid material omissions, exaggerations, misleading visual portrayals and overstating the need or what the donor’s response may achieve.

3. If outsourcing fundraising activities, CfA will ensure that:

  • Contracts are in place which meet all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. 
  • Specific expectations, responsibilities and obligations of each party are clear and in writing. 
  • CfA are identified as the beneficiaries of the funds. 
  • Contractors are clearly identified. 

4. Images and messages used for fundraising will not:

  • Be untruthful, exaggerated or misleading (e.g. not doctored, created as fiction or misrepresenting the country, etc.). 
  • Be used if they may endanger the people they are portraying. 
  • Be used without the free, prior and informed consent of the person/s portrayed, including children, their parents or guardians. 
  • Present people in a dehumanised manner. 
  • Infringe child protection policies and in particular show children in a naked and/or sexualised manner. 
  • Feature dead bodies or dying people. 

CFA-P10.V1 Fundraising Charter – Effective Date: 26 April 2020 Document Approved By: Board of Management.

Controlled Document — Printed Versions are not controlled.