Internal Complaints Handling Policy

1. Rationale

Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation Inc (CfA) intends to seek accreditation with Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and endorses the ACFID requirement to have, and publish on its website, an Internal Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure.  CfA recognizes that the handling of complaints is very sensitive in the countries in which it operates, in that people will have different cultural expectations to those of Australia.  However, as part of its role CfA will continue to work closely with its partners in those countries to devise ways to promote transparency and encourage local people to voice their concerns and grievances directly to CfA and without fear or reprisal.

This policy aims to ensure that any person or organisation that is associated with CfA or is affected by its projects is treated justly and fairly, by providing a straightforward process for dealing with complaints of any nature.

2. Scope

This policy applied to all CfA office bearers, staff, in-country partners, volunteers, donors and primary stakeholders except where and to any person that has a grievance or expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action and conduct of a representative of CfA.

This policy does not apply to safeguarding complaints (or incidents involving Sexual Harassment and Abuse), it applies to internal grievances, and complaints made by CfA office bearers, staff, in-country partners, volunteers, donors and primary stakeholders and should be read with the Complaints Policy.

3. Guiding Principles

CfA has adopted the following principles for complaints handling:

Visible – Information as to how and where to complain is available on the CfA website (see Complaints Handling Procedure).

Responsive – The investigator will discuss the issue with the complainant within two working days of the complaint being lodged and, where possible, the complaint process will be completed within seven working days.

Objective – All complaints will be handled in an equitable, fair an unbiased manner using evidence submitted by both/all parties.  No person will be victimised or suffer consequences in lodging or assisting with information concerning a complaint.

Confidential – Only the people directly involved in a complaint have access to the information relevant to that complaint.  Details will be kept completely confidential unless natural justice or the law requires disclosure.  Disclosure of details is at the discretion of the person handling the complaint.

Self resolution – Opportunity may be given for the complaint to be resolved between affected parties without direct intervention from CfA representative.

Sensitivity – All complaints will be dealt with appropriately, with seriousness and sensitivity. 

This document is supported by CfA’s Complaints Handling Procedure

This document is supported by CfA’s Complaints Handling Procedure.

CFA-P4.V2  Internal Complaints Handling Policy
Effective Date: 7 August 2020 Document

Approved By: Board of Management.

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