Policies for Volunteers (In Country)

1. Safety

Tarime can be a dangerous place, particularly after dark. The crowded markets and the bus station can be volatile and overwhelming. All volunteers need to be conscious of this and abide by the following safety in-country policies at all times:

All women must travel in a minimum group of 2 and remain within arm’s length of each other at all times.

All women must travel with a male companion after dark.

No one should leave the Resource Centre after dark unless travelling by a motor vehicle and accompanied by another person.

No one should leave the Resource Centre without a functioning mobile phone (with credit and Abdallah’s phone number and the Police phone number). 

No one should leave the Resource Centre without informing another team member of their whereabouts and their estimated time of return to the Centre.

If you are being followed or feel uncomfortable, do not head back to the Resource Centre. Head immediately to Goldlands Hotel where there is security guards and familiarity with Care for Africa.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in forfeiting your current and future involvement with Care for Africa, including all the privileges associated with it (travel insurance). It will also lead to your immediate dismissal from the volunteer team and travel arrangements will be made for your departure back to Australia. Care for Africa takes the security and safety of its volunteers very seriously.

2. Health Insurance and medical evacuation

It is your responsibility to keep the travel insurance company up to date with your health. If you fall ill and are able to call the insurance company, you must inform them at the onset of your illness. This will maximise your travel insurance cover. ACE insurance – Policy no. 04P0003900 (+61 2 8907 5997, www.aceassistance.com)

Care for Africa will take no responsibility in doing this for you unless you are gravely ill and are unable to make the call yourself. The Care for Africa Team Leader  and CEO (Diana Butler) will provide advice and guidance for treatment if you are unwell. However, please note that you will require a medical statement from a local Tanzanian medical practitioner and the advice of the travel insurance medical team. The Team Leader and Diana Butler cannot be responsible for volunteers’ individual health.

3. Purchasing of goods and services for Care for Africa

All goods, no matter the size or quantity that are purchased for Care for Africa and/or its programs need to be pre-approved by the Team Leader or CEO. All approvals must be signed and dated in the Pre-Approvals logbook. No reimbursements will be given otherwise.

4. Living arrangements

All volunteers are expected to share living expenses and household duties with other volunteers. Volunteers that are unwilling or unable to participate and cooperate will be asked to relocate to Goldlands Hotel. This includes:

  • Payment for a cleaner (approx 10,000TSH each week)
  • Payment for boarding (approx 10USD per night)
  • Payment for a food and water kitty (400,000TSH at the onset of the trip)
  • General cleaning around the centre
  • Being cautious of the health risks associated with using tap water. Boiled water must be used when washing and rinsing all dishes. Gastroenteritis is extremely common and very unpleasant. It has interfered with our programs.
  • Participation on a dinner cooking and dishes roster
  • Laundry (optional) – Ester is available for laundry services (underwear excluded) at a cost of 10,000TSH per week. Payment to her can be made at the conclusion of your stay. 

5. Respecting other volunteers personal and private information

All CfA volunteers must respect the personal and private information of their peers (other CfA volunteers). CfA volunteers are not permitted to disclose personal and private information that could put other CfA volunteer(s) at risk. Those who disclose personal and or private information in Africa or in Australia will be reprimanded and forfeit their involvement with the organisation. CfA takes the safety of their volunteers very seriously. 

6. Further information?

If you require further information, contact the CEO, Diana Butler.

CFA-P15.V1 Policies for Volunteers (In Country) – Effective Date: 26 April 2020 Document Approved By: Board of Management.

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