The success of Care for Africa Foundation Inc (CfA) relies on its ability to attract the best staff and volunteers available. Recruitment methods must be fair, efficient, and effective.


The Staff / Volunteer Recruitment Policy has been established to ensure CfA has the opportunity to attract the best available staff and volunteers for all vacant positions. This policy relates to employment of all staff and volunteers.

CfA is committed to providing high quality programs and services to our community in Tarime, Tanzania. To support the achievement of this objective we recognise the importance of employing the most suitable applicant for all vacant positions.


CfA will ensure it has the best opportunity to attract the best available staff / volunteers by broadly advertising (internally and externally as deemed appropriate) all vacant remunerated positions and volunteer vacancies. 

CfA will take all reasonable steps to ensure that applicants may be safely entrusted with the duties of their position.

CfA is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. 

All recruitment and selection procedures and decisions will reflect CfA’s commitment to providing equal opportunity by assessing all potential candidates according to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and capabilities. No regard will be given to factors such as age, gender, marital status, race, religion, physical impairment or political opinions.


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It shall be the responsibility of the CEO (or a delegated authority) to implement this policy and to monitor its performance. 

It is the responsibility of the Director / Managers to ensure that: 

  • They are familiar with the recruitment policies and procedures, and that they follow them accordingly; 
  • Staffing levels for their program are determined and authorised;
  • All roles have current position descriptions that specify role requirements and selection criteria.
    All Program Directors / Managers are aware of their responsibilities in the recruitment and selection process; 
  • Program Directors / Managers are given continuous support and guidance in regards to recruitment and selection issues. 


Procedures: Pre-Recruitment Activities 

When it becomes necessary to recruit for a position, Program Directors / Managers should carefully consider the requirements for the position, and the key selection criteria including skills, experience and qualifications. 

If no position description exists for the available position, or if it requires revising, this is the responsibility of the appropriate Program Director / Manager. Once the new position description or amendments have been drafted, it should be forwarded on the CEO and/or Board and, if appropriate, approved. Selection criteria will be drawn up based on the basis of a position statement. 

Where the position description is for a new role, the CEO and Board will review and evaluate the position and draw up a position statement.

Prior to commencing the recruitment process, the responsible Manager is required to gain approval from CEO and Board.  


Where appropriate, CfA will advertise all vacancies.

Exceptions to this rule may occur when: 

  • There is a need to make a direct appointment or promotion into the vacant position.
  • Upon receiving approval for the vacant or new position, CfA will advertise the position
  • Position title; 
  • Outline of the position; 
  • Skills required for the role; 
  • Closing date for applications. 

All applicants should forward a current copy of their resume, together with covering letter, to the applicable manager for acknowledgement, consideration and processing. 

Applicants who possess the required skills, qualifications and work-related experience, as specified in the internal advertisement, will be interviewed for the position by the CEO or relevant Program Director or Manager. 

Where a position cannot be filled internally or where it is appropriate to conduct an external recruitment campaign, the available position should be advertised through relevant networks, on relevant websites, and through local employment services. 

Volunteer positions will be advertised as widely as deemed reasonable. 

All advertisements must be approved by the Board.

If required, the CEO/ Program Director and /or Tanzanian Country Manager will prepare an appropriate recruitment advertisement for the position and submit it for review and approval by the Board. The CEO will administer the placement of the advertisement and monitor applications received. 

Use of Recruitment Consultants 

Where deemed appropriate, external recruitment consultants may be used for recruitment purposes. The CEO and / or Program Director should contact the  services of recruitment consultant. 

It remains the relevant Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the recruitment consultant adheres to CfA’s recruitment and selection policies. 

Screening Applicants

Resumes must be screened against the position description so that assessments can be made of their suitability for the specific role. Applicants who are assessed as suitable will then be selected for interview. 

Where appropriate, but particularly in positions of financial responsibility or in dealing with vulnerable clients / children, police checks may be arranged. Police checks shall be arranged only with the consent of the applicant concerned; however, if consent is refused this shall be taken into consideration in the selection process. 

All volunteers that travel to work in Tarime are required to have police clearance, as well as working with Vulnerable Persons clearance.

References shall be sought, which will be used to screen for former misconduct, as well as suitability for the role. Previous employers and referees shall be contacted, and transcripts, qualifications, publications and other certification or documentation shall be validated. 

Any checks which may form part of the selection process should be conducted prior to issuing an offer of employment. 

Conducting Interviews

The short-listing and interview process will be conducted by a selection panel which will be appointed by and will include the CEO, Program Director and/ or Tanzanian Country Manager their nominee and the relevant manager or team leader for the position. 

If any member of staff or volunteer finds that they are assessing any applicant where there is a perceived or actual conflict (eg. Where the applicant is a family member, friend or past colleague) they shall declare the perceived or actual conflict to the panel. 

Reference Checking

Managers are to ensure that, where possible, a minimum of two reference checks are conducted prior to an offer of employment being extended to a candidate. 

Details of the reference checks should be attached to the candidate’s application for future reference. 

New Starter Paperwork

Once the candidate is selected, the CEO is required to notify the successful candidate. 

The CEO/ Program Director or Tanzanian Country Manager will prepare a written letter of offer for the successful candidate. The letter of offer and or contract of employment will confirm the start date, salary (if any), position and the terms and conditions of employment pertaining to the employee. 

Once the CEO has received the candidate’s signed letter of offer, the CEO is to notify all unsuccessful candidates. 

The Manager is responsible for liaising with the CEO to ensure that the necessary documentation, equipment and access privileges are prepared for the new employee. 

The CEO will forward an induction kit to the new employee for their completion. 

Records and Correspondence

Letters/emails of acknowledgment should be posted to all applicants prior to the short-listing of final suitable applicants. Short-listed but unsuccessful applicants should be advised that their CV will be retained by the CEO / Program Director or Tanzanian Country Manager for future reference, unless the applicant advises otherwise. 

Applicants who do not meet the key selection criteria and are not suitable to be short-listed for an interview should be sent a written letter advising them that their application has been unsuccessful. 


Volunteering is good for you

It’s clear the benefits of volunteering are huge – improved mental and physical health, new friends and avoiding loneliness, a sense of purpose and deeper self-confidence. In turn, all of these things will help to boost your overall happiness: a win-win situation for all involved.

    1. Life satisfaction: we feel good about ourselves when we’re doing good to and for others.
    2. You’ll feel happier: people who give” – either money or their time – have been reported to be happier and healthier than those who don’t
    3. It’ll make you feel healthier: Helping others is also related to improved physical health, including weight control, lower blood pressure and relief from depression and chronic pain
    4. Helper’s high: helping others triggers the reward pathway in the brain known as the mesolimbic system. It releases “feel-good” neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and vasopressin.
    5. Sense of belonging: Volunteering is a great way to promote strong social networks. This is because of what’s called “prosocial behaviour”, which means that what we’re doing benefits other people – this can be seen in helping, sharing, donating and volunteering.
    6. Builds self-confidence and self-esteem: Doing good for others and the community helps to create a natural sense of accomplishment. And working as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity, helping to boost your self-confidence further by taking you out of your natural comfort zone and environment. 
    7. Volunteering is important for your career: In an increasingly competitive job market, volunteering experience can be incredibly useful. It shows potential employers that you can take initiative and that you’re willing to give your own time to improve the world for other people.

CFA-P21.V1  Staff / Volunteer Recruitment policy – Effective Date: 7 August 2020 Document
Approved By: Board of Management.

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