Transparency Policy

1. Purpose

Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation Inc (CfA) is committed to being transparent in our work and to being accountable to our stakeholder and the communities within which we work both in Australia and in Tanzania.  We are committed to disclosing timely relevant and accurate information in an accessible format.

2. Guiding Principles

CfA is committed to transparency and integrity in our financial management.  This is demonstrated by external auditing by a registered auditor and the filing of that audit report with the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs for the state of Tasmania.  The annual financial report is reviewed by the Board at the annual general meeting of the Foundation and is made available to all stakeholders on the website of CfA.

CfA shares information regarding its governance structure, legal status and organizational purpose on its website.

CfA publishes information about results and evaluation of its programs to all stakeholders, particularly via its website.

CfA shares information of formal partnerships with other organisations.

CfA shares organisational policies that are relevant to stakeholders external to the organisation.

CfA expects those organisations it partners with to operate in a transparent manner, at least in accordance with this Policy, and will require partners that do not have a formal transparency policy to adopt this Policy.

3. Other matters

Any person seeking information from CfA may email using the contact information on our website.  You can also email the CEO 

CfA will acknowledge your request for information once received.  This may be an email notification.

CfA will advise whether the information that you request is able to be released to you in that it is on the approved list for publication and not subject to any privacy issues.

Information will be collated and sent to the person requesting.

CFA-P24.V2 Transparency Policy – Effective Date: 20 September 2020 
Approved By: Board of Management.

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