“Walk 4 Water” 20 are in the process of raising $20,000 to install a water bore in the Bisarwi sub- village Bulimba. The bore will provide accessible clean drinking water to over 1,000 people. The women and girls walk up to 8 hours a day to collect their daily water.

The team had also proposed to visit and open the bore in Bulimba after they had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in July 2020.  This has now been postponed, possibly until 2021, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Hydrology Survey

We have commenced the early stages of finding a water source for the commencement of the Bulimba deep water well. 

This has been done through a geophysical / hydrogeological survey by Mangira Drilling. 
The survey is a systematic collection of geophysical data using the conductivity/resistance properties of rocks and groundwater near the surface. This data is then analysed to assess potential groundwater availability and depth and prioritise the most reliable site to commence drilling.

The Team

The Walk 4 Water 20 team is comprises 11 climbers and 3 volunteers – who are also partners/spouses.  The team is well advanced in preparations and fundraising.  They were scheduled to commence climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on Sunday 19th July, which was to be followed by a safari in in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks, and then meet in Tarime to open the new bore.  The climb was expected to take approximately seven days.  During that time, while the climbers were tackling Mt Kilimanjaro, the volunteers were going to volunteer in Tarime with some of the Care for Africa community programs. 


Fundraising had already commenced in anticipation of the July 2020 trip and to date approximately $7,200 has been raised.  This has been achieved by way of a garden party/Friday night drinks event and from individual participant donations.  Further planned fund raisers include Sunday Luncheon, Participation in Launceston Walking Festival and Public online Donations via Go Fund Me.