Together we can make a difference.

A daily porridge of maize provides the necessary nutrition to help these children concentrate at school.

STOP Hunger and Fuel Education

Every child deserves a healthy breakfast and access to a good education. However, many children in Tarime, Tanzania go to school on an empty stomach.

Students are often so exhausted and hungry that they fall asleep in class, too tired to concentrate.

They walk many kilometres to reach their classroom, with no food and return home in the late evening to eat their only meal.

Without food in their tummies, how can students retain the energy needed to study?

The need is very big. In the area that we are doing the breakfast program – there are still a number of schools that don’t have it yet. They cry for us to include them. Our future goal is to include them and reach them.

Children Need Food to Study

Children are Eager to Learn But They're Hungry

The Breakfast program sprouted from a simple truth: hungry children can’t learn.

In 2016, after installing a water bore at a local government school in Tarime, called Mtana, teachers noticed a surge in attendance. However, these eager students were arriving at school with empty stomachs having walked long distances from home.

Care for Africa took the next obvious the next step and the Breakfast Program was born. 

Today, we are working with local government, local teachers, parents, students and the Care for Africa Tanzania team to expand the breakfast program to feed over 100,000 children every school day.

Care for Africa:

🚰 Installs a water bore at the school so clean water is available

🌽 Purchases the maize from local farmers

🚙 Delivers the maize to the schools

🔥 The students bring firewood for the fires which cook the porridge

🍚 The parents of the students join together to hire a cook to prepare the maize

📖 The children eat breakfast and learn for the day

The Breakfast program is much more than feeding a child one meal a day: it gives children the opportunity to achieve academic success and breaks the cycle of poverty.

The Program is Changing Educational Outcomes

The Mtana School in Tarime was one of the lowest-performing schools in the district before Care for Africa introduced the breakfast program. 

Over one year, as students received their life-giving breakfast each morning, an incredible change took place. 

The student’s school performance improved dramatically. 

With food in their bellies, Mtana School become one of the better-performing schools in the district. 

A school with hungry students is never going to excel but Mtana overcame this thanks to the breakfast program.

Students off to get Breakfast | Breakfast Program | Care for Africa
Young students off to get their morning breakfast as part of Care for Africa’s breakfast program.

What Can You Do to Help?

We are currently feeding breakfast to over 6,000 schoolchildren every day but we want to do MORE.  We have a goal to feed 100,000 children.

The difference that one bag of maize can make is incredible. Just one bag can provide the sustenance a child needs to start their day for over a year. More than that, just one bag can be all it takes for a child to excel at school and find a meaningful way to earn a living and support their family and community.

It’s so simple yet the difference could help a child excel at school and go on to find a meaningful way to earn a living and support their family and community.

We want to continue to introduce the breakfast program to more regional schools across Africa because we know that breakfast translates to better educational outcomes. 

Learn more about how you can help us reach 100,000 school children.