Together we can make a difference.


We support individuals, small and large groups getting together to raise much needed funds for our organisation. Got an idea? No matter how small or big we would love to hear from you, please get in touch. 

The Fundraising Team

Diana Butler OAM – CEO



Fundraising Ball

Over the years Care For Africa  has raised substantial funds by holding various cocktail balls.  These functions have created great awareness for the needs of the people in Tarime, as well as wonderful fellowship whilst raising money.


Wearable Art

You can join Dean Hohn in making a difference to fight against poverty and empower independence by providing water, health, education and enterprise by purchasing a piece of wearable art from my VIDA Nuna Collection.

You can view the complete collection here


it is such an honour to fundraise to build a women's centre and continue to fundraise to enable education and seeding of women's programs which will ensure that the women are no longer dependent on donors and others for their futures.

Barbara Minahan

Barbara Minahan is the Coordinator of the Boat Harbour Craft Group who actively raises funds for Care for Africa.


We Haba na Haba (Women's group) are passing all our thanks to our friends and supports from Care for Africa and Boat Harbour Craft. You have helped us a lot which is making us feel happy in our Bisarwi community helping us which gives us women opportunity to help other women in Tarime.

Rebeka Rucas, Chair Habana Haba Women's group