Together we can make a difference.

Our Story

While working as an Emergency Nurse in the Launceston General Hospital, Tasmania, Australia, a chance conversation with a colleague about extreme poverty in Tanzania, Africa; inspired Diana Butler OAM to embark on a new journey of intense learning and fulfilment. 

Diana and a team of Emergency Nurses: Carol Northeast, Penny Padgett, Barbara Youd, Lisa Cummins, Angela Knight, Fiona Sherring and Kate Thompson; raised money and sent a shipping container of medical aid to Tarime, Tanzania with the support and help from Robert Van der Elst and the Rotary Club of Deloraine. It was this team of dedicated nurses that started the organisation and helped it grow to what it is today. Dr Peter Hewitt became passionate about this plight and dedicated the final years of his life to this cause. Dr Hewitt and his daughter Emma joined Diana on her epic journey to follow the container, they saw extreme poverty – something none of them had experienced.

Diana helped form the Care for Africa Foundation to address: poverty; lack of water; medical; educational and enterprise services in Tanzania’s Tarime region. 

Under Diana’s leadership, the non-for-profit organisation now works in four key areas: water, rural health, education and social enterprise.  Diana Butler OAM has led Care for Africa in its biggest achievements, which include the installation of 10 deep water wells, a yearly Rural School Mobile Health Clinic (delivered in six community schools), a primary school and the establishment of the social enterprise programs which focus on the empowerment of women. 

Care for Africa’s Tanzanian Country Manager Mr Abdallah Obeidi’s dedication, knowledge and skills are essential to Care for Africa’s success. Together Diana and Abdallah are carving out a sustainable future for the people of Tarime. 

Diana has become astute at managing large teams of international volunteers, working at both a grassroots level and executive level, understanding best international development practices and fundraising. As Chief Executive Officer Diana has shaped Care for Africa into a sustainable and pioneering organisation. 

Diana and her team are developing a model to end poverty in rural communities. The objective of this model is to assist and empower the people to be self-reliant, so they are no longer dependent on the donor or others for a life that allows for access to the basic human rights, and freedom and abilities to enjoy a fulfilled life of wellbeing and reward. 

I am committed to creating a lasting change and leaving behind a legacy that will ensure a life free of poverty for all. It will be a legacy that is built out of trust, respect, empathy and caring for all. We are empowering them to be their own change, and that is where the reward lies.

Diana Butler OAM

In 2012 Diana was awarded Tasmanian Telstra Business Women’s Community and Government and became a national finalist.

Diana was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2016 for her humanitarian work in Tanzania. 

Diana and team of Emergency Nurses packing a shipping container of medical aid for Tarime.
Diana and Dr Peter Hewitt in Tarime 2006.
Diana and Abdallah planting trees for the future.