Together we can make a difference.

Our operational team is diverse and made up of volunteers in Australia and paid staff in Tanzania.

Our paid Tanzanian staff are essential for our operations in Tarime. Made up predominantly of health professionals within the District, they understand the complexities of the local healthcare system and what’s required by the communities in which we operate. 

Mr Abdallah Obedi

Country Manager – Tanzania

Abdallah has been working for Care for Africa since its inception in 2006. His early duties were as the main driver and vehicle maintenance, he is now the Tanzanian Country Manager. Born and educated in Tarime. He did his mechanical apprentice in Kenya after completing his primary education. He completed his secondary education as a mature aged student, then went on to obtain his Diploma in Community Development and plans to further his education to a degree. He is a committed family man with a wife and 2 daughters.

Ms Orla Baker

Strategic Advisor – Volunteer

Orla Baker has a career of more than 10 years in international development. Her background is diverse spanning business development, education (including teaching in the most remote Indigenous Australian school), strategic planning, higher education and relationship management. Orla combines her passion for grass roots development with strategic advice and knowledge of international development trends in this role.

Mrs Jenny Saunders

Administration– Volunteer

Jenny Saunders stepped away from a career in Dental Prosthetics and business management to focus on her passion for philanthropy. As a Director, Business & Finance Manager in her busy Dental Practise, her many qualifications have proved invaluable to her multiple roles with Care for Africa. Jenny has worked in a volunteer capacity with The Care for Africa Foundation for over nine years and has travelled to Tarime several times.

Elisha Summers

Creative + Design – Volunteer

Elisha has worked in creative design and printing industries for over 18 years. Having previously managed and led design studios she specialises in brands, print design, project and brand management and packaging design. Two years ago Elisha launched her own creative business Station Studio.

Mrs Wendy Dalton

Sponsorship  – Volunteer

Wendy has had a diverse professional career gained from working across financial, legal and education sectors. Wendy has a passion for helping others and has volunteered for Make A Wish and Care For Africa for over 10 years. Wendy has travelled to Tarime on two occasions, delivering desperately needed supplies from containers. It is her strong belief that all children deserve the opportunity to learn and be safe.

Mr Jamhuri Lyimo Suleiman

Accountant – Tanzania

Jamhuri holds an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. Jamhuri was born and educated in Tarime and has worked for the Tarime District for the last nine years He is currently employed as Care for Africa’s Financial Officer.

Mr Phales Yohana Buluma

Health Clinics – Tanzania

Phales is the Team Leader for Care for Africa School Rural Health Clinics. He is currently a Nurse Practitioner at the Tarime District Hospital. He studied at Ndolage school of Nursing.


Mrs Sophie Folder​

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Sophie Folder provides specialist project consultancy services in the areas of people management, delivery of extension programs and sustainable use of agricultural resources. Sophie has volunteered with Care for Africa for seven years assisting with grant writing, project evaluation and reporting, strategic planning and fundraising. Sophie joined the Care for Africa board in 2018 and is leading accreditation group working towards gaining Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) membership and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) accreditation

Heather Sparkes

Care for Girls  – Volunteer

Heather retired from nursing in 2008. From the time she was a child she had always had a yearning to assist those in greater need. In 2017, at the age of 69,  she made her first visit to Tanzania, a place she has always longed to visit. Since then Heather is committed to helping the young girls achieve an education and become productive citizens in their communities.