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Education Program

Our aim is to remove barriers impeding access to education opportunities in communities. 

We all have a right to have the opportunity for education. Without a proper education individuals, society and nations are unable to advance and consequently remain trapped in the cycle of poverty. Education gives people the skills and knowledge to lift people out of poverty.

Care for Africa works with and supports the community schools and Tanzanian curriculum within the communities that we work in. 

We see many overcrowded classrooms in our community schools. Some of our schools have over two hundred students in one classroom with one teacher. Many of our teachers have not had the opportunity or financial means to obtain a tertiary education. 

A large number of children walk up to ten kilometers to school every day with empty stomachs. Often the children will only have one meal a day, which is at night. 

The Education Team

Diana Butler OAM – CEO

Abdallah Obedi – Country Manager

Christopher Strong Trust

Many teachers in Tarime do not have any formal tertiary education. We have sponsored many teachers and will continue to sponsor more to obtain a formal tertiary education. The Christopher Strong Trust (CST) has been instrumental in setting up and funding this vital program. This program has a great impact on our children’s education. It is important that we provide the opportunities for a proper tertiary education
for our teachers. This will assist the next generation by giving them the skills and knowledge which will enable them to an equitable and productive future.

The Breakfast Program

The Care for Africa Breakfast Program is currently feeding over 4,000 children at a cost of AUD $2.12, per child, for 40 weeks of the year, five days per week. 

This breakfast program is sponsored by the community members, students, teachers and families by providing the labour, collecting water and firewood to cook the maize porridge.

Adult Learning

Our adult learning programs are run at five-month intervals, which are sponsored by the generosity of our donors at a cost of approximately AUD $2,000 per program. The program is run by the Tarime Community Development Officers in Tarime and conducted in the community centres. 

Subjects include book-keeping, environmental management, dispute management (law), leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, soap making and tie dying. This program has proven to be hugely successful and well received.

68% Increase

in school attendance since installation of water wells.

Kebhosere School

We built our first school in 2106: with 2 classrooms completed & children learning. 

Sponsor Children

we now sponsor 11 children.

Bahati wakes every morning before the sun
rises. He has cerebral palsy and drags himself to school with his long wooden pole. His four-hour arduous clamber to school is exhausting, but he is desperate and determined to get an education; he never gives up.

Diana Butler OAM

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Looking for More Information?

  • Provides education by sponsoring vulnerable children.
  • Provides educational aid in accordance with the Tanzanian Curriculum.
  • Provides Teacher sponsorship through the Christopher Strong Trust. 
  • Ensures adequate school infrastructure which is demonstrated through the build of the school in the Kebhosere Village, Mtana Community and the build of school classrooms at Kiterere
  • Provides a Breakfast Program which feeds school children on a daily basis
  • Provides Adult Learning programs through our Women’s groups

The children under the age of 10 years were unable to access education due to the long and treacherous trip to the nearest school.

In 2016 Care for Africa, sponsored by Vibestown build the 1st stage of the Kebhosere school and the Tanzanian Government has sponsored the teacher.  Initially 68 students were enrolled. 

A second classroom has been built which was sponsored by The MAP Foundation. Currently there are 110 students at the school. 

We have installed a deep water well (funded by 2016 Mt Kilimanjaro, Walk for Water), a sanitation block and established a breakfast program within the school surrounds. We are also running our annual rural school health clinic in the school. 

We are currently in the process of establishing a Women’s center in Kiboshera.  This will ensure self-sufficiency and economic viability of our work

The amalgamation of our integrated program WASH, (safe and accessible drinking water, proper sanitation and hygiene), health, education and enterprise will enable sustainable outcomes for the work that we do. 

Care for Africa has earned so great respect and trust from the local communities in Tarime and the Tanzanian government because of our incredible outcomes. This has all lead to an astonishing 68% increase in school attendance since 2014. 

Our impact is massive. 

We have completed our 1st school, Kebhosere. Thank you to Jesse Higgs and his Vibestown team and the MAP Foundation for making this possible. The school has registered 110 junior primary children. These children did not have access to any schooling due to the long walking distances to the nearest school. The school has a deep water well which was installed in 2016, thanks to Tom Allwright and Nick Butler with their Mt Kilimanjaro “Walk for Water” team. A breakfast program will commence in the new financial year for the children. The Christopher Strong Trust and Marcus Albertson generously donated the funds to make the desks for the students.

This has been a wonderful project which has engaged massive community participation from the Kebhosere community. We have partnered with the Tanzanian government with the Kebhosere school. The government has provided a teacher Mr Peter Sai.

We are looking forward to expanding the school with greater support from the Tanzanian government and continuing community participation. 

It is imperative that we educate the youth to enable them to forge out bright and hopeful futures. A future that allows them to break the unrelenting cycle of poverty. We must educate our girls, so they are able to make choices and forge meaningful worthwhile careers that gives them the respect and life they so justly deserve.